i created this series to depict the hollowing reality of human pollution in our oceans.
 70% of our debris sinks into the ocean's ecosystem, 15% floats, and 15% lands on our beaches. 
 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone. 
 100,000 marine animals die from getting entangled in plastic yearly – this is just the creatures we find!
 1 in 3 marine mammal species get found entangled in litter, 12-14,000 tons of plastic are ingested by North Pacific fish yearly. ​​​​​​​

 1950-1998 over 100 nuclear blast tests occurred in our oceans. 
 90% of the worldwide ocean debris comes from 10 rivers alone
 500 marine locations are now recorded as dead zones globally, currently the size of the United Kingdom’s surface (245,000 km²)
 The largest trash site on the planet is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, twice the surface area of Texas, it outnumbers sea life there 6 to 1. 

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